About us

Pixel n. The smallest element of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed.

Premium n. Relating to or denoting a commodity or product of superior quality.


Hello! We’re Pixel Premium.

We are a global product development company with its operational heart in one of the most iconic capitals of the world, London UK.

We are a collective of creative professionals with a passion for working with the finest details to create superior products and awesome customer experiences.

We don’t just create awesome products for our customers. We create awesome products with them.

The aim of the game is to listen, learn and create things. Especially things that are packed with a lot of pop, zip and feel. Things that hits all of the right notes, giving people exactly the kind of products they want: premium but with a personal touch.


Our philosophy is simple
Find the perfection, precision, and personality in every product
Then put it into every last dot, detail, grain, micron and pixel


We’re wholeheartedly addicted to searching for that special something often hidden between the lines; that magic it factor that’s just waiting to be discovered to transform a product from being everyday ordinary to truly exceptional.

The key is working super-closely, collaboratively and clicking together with our customers to deliver products that offer something different, special and unique.

But don’t just sit there and read about creating amazing things with us. Sign up now to our mailing list and be a part of the Pixel Premium family. Take a bite from the apple and give us a chance to listen, learn and create the Pixel Premium product that’s right for you!